The Last Chapter

Our only  GOAL is to educate. We have intorduced the Kentucky Rifle in all of it majesty from its early development, traced to  ~1750, to it finest contemporary artistic form in the 21st century. We have providied only a small sampling  and avenues for one to easily futher pursue more knowledge and/or acquire the fine historic and artisitic artifacts of our past. We have emphasized ART and History, arenas where the Kentucky Rifle and it Accouterments are less well known and  undervalued in their  role in American Material Culture. Much has been learned and much more likely is to be learned by the serious student and collector/ preserver and "stewards" of these items.  We look forward to that new "attic" find or flee market discovery that begins another chapter in this aspect American History and Art. We applaud those talented and skilled contemporary artisans who  carry on this uniquely American Art tradition. 




It would be misleading for the student to leave these pages without knowing that by far the most commonly produced Kentucky Rifle ( at least "GOOD" and worthy of collection and study ) was the "BARN" gun... a simple , unadorned utilitarian tool, hand made, and most certainly contributed greatly to our history, survival and "art." Ironically they are less common now as the were rapidly replaced by the breech loading , factory produced rifles and pistols. They lay in disrepair and often destoryed as valueless in the period of 1850-1950. Thus they are "RARE" and desirable both to own, study and preserve.

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The German Ancestor of the Kentucky Rifle:   the JAEGER