This site is provided as a resource , an informational site or "HUB," to inform the  student and collector of AMERICAN FINE ART as reflected by the "Kentucky Longrifle." It is a unique art form developed in the 18th and 19th Century in the Colonies /United States and continues today.

       This website will be a dynamic expanding resource to all related aspects of the Kentucky rifle and assocated accoutrements linking the viewer to internet resources  devoted to "Kentucky Longrifile" and realted subjects :

           (1) Masterpieces of American fine art

           (2) its place in American material culture during its period primary development and use ( 18th/ 19th Century)  through today 

           (3) Contemporary reproduction in the 20th and 21st Century.

           (4) Associated "art" objects.....Known as "Accouterments"

Its origins are in Europe ( the Germantic Jaeger)  but it evolved uniquely in America by the development of:              

           (1)the metal doored patchbox ( artisitically designed and elegantly engraved)

           (2) the long barrel (adding to its accuracy; usually 40 inches or more)

           (3)Rifling  ( grooves inside the bore; adding to its accuracy)

Amongst the celebrated deans of American antiques, Joseph Kindig Jr, internationally respected and recognized historian, researcher and collector of the largest collection of Kentucky rifles and accoutrements, said of the Kentucky rifle and its gunsmith:

  In no other field that did a man have to show so much skill.  The gunsmith who made an early (Kentucky rifle) had to be three fine artisans in one.

In forging the lock and barrel and rifling the barrel, the ironwork equaled that of the best ironmaster in the country.  In shaping the stock of curly maple, one of the most difficult woods to work, and in carving decorations on the metal parts of the rifle, his woodworking rivaled that of the famous Philadelphia and Newport colonial furniture makers.  And in designing and engraving the long brass patchbox in the stock, his sheer artistry, though done in a baser metal than silver, compares with that of many colonial silversmiths.

He created a rifle that is unmistakenly an individual product and contains something of his spirit and soul.

                                                                              ART:  Good, Better, Best

Art comes in many forms and quality. It is the eye of the beholder and artist that make the most important assessments.  Israel Sack, world respected purveyor of Art in American Furniture, may have expressed it best in his book "The Points of Furniture," known by many  as GOOD, BETTER, BEST. It is the concept of comparison. Again, it is a persons judgement and societys judgement of any object of art on its merit. In reality, no one can have all the best even if it came labeled. There is romance associated with all things of Americas past. To own a piece of any quality is a privilege.

Introduction and Goals 

Joseph Kindig, Jr.

Israel Sack