UPDATED 3.29,16

  The American Longrifle and its ART:

                   A Mini Fellowship

 By: David Hansen/ Editor :Fredric Garner, M.D.

Chapter 1:  An American Invention

Chapter 2: The First American Longrifles

Chapter 3: The Invention and Evolution of the Patchbox Cover

Chapter 4: Wood and Architecture

Chapter 5: American Schools of Riflemaking

Preface: To appreciate its art, one needs to not only view but understand the "American Longrifle." Toward that end, we have begun to develop and publish here several chapters adressing the elements usually recognized, reseaerched and discussed  by Kentucky Rifle artisans and scholars. The end is not yet written so the chapter number remains to be determined. Our plan is to open  a chapter or 2 every month or so as well as to edit those chapters published as comments are recieved or other information becomes available.

If you care to jump ahead you may buy the complete study in its entirety from the Kentucky Rifle Foundation: " An Intimate Look at The American Longrifle, its Art and Evolution"

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Chapter 6- ?? to follow.

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