Winterthur Museum:

See , study and compare from the DuPont's collections ,amongst the  largest (100 complete rooms) and  finest in America, the artisans of the 18th and 19th century applied their skills to rifles, furniture, painting, household object, decorations and tradional art objects.


The Kentucky Rifle Foundation: Traveling Exhibits                                   

NRA  Museum

The Smithsonian: Museum of American History

A surprisingly limited collection of Kentucky Rifles. Extensive collection of Powder. Please check their website to see what is currently on display .



Exhibits 100 Pennsylvania " Kentucky"  Rifles

Ticonderoga Museum, in Fort Ticonderoga, NY has a great Shuler together with a quantity of Revolutionary War material.

Mercer Museum in Doylestown, PA has the Christian Springs rifle. Call for appointment.

Hershey Museum in Hershey, PA has a collection. I have never seen it but have seen pictures.

Craig Museum in Craig, CO has an extensive collection of superb Colts and Winchesters primarily, but included are some Kentuckies and plains rifles.

                                     ANNUAL EVENTS

June:  Southern Longrifle Show Williamsburg, VA (D. Glazener)*

July:   Dixon's Gunmakers Fair Kempton, PA Dixon's M-L Shop

August : Prairie State Longrifle Show Princeton, IL (C. Johnson)

 Aug :  Annual CLA Show Lexington, KY

 Sep tember:  Annual Eastern PA Show Morgantown, PA  (M. Spencer)*

October:  Annual Virginia Show Front Royal, VA (T. Hodges)*

January: Annual Bushy Run Arms Show Claridge, PA  (B. Vance)*

February:  Century Artisans Show Lewisburg, PA  (M. Wheland)

February:  Lake Cumberland Show Jamestown, KY (M. Hankla)

February  MD, VA, W. VA Show New Market, VA  (S. Koontz)*

February: Prairie State Longrifle Show Princeton, IL (C. Johnson)

March:  Maryland Arms Collectors Show Baltimore, MD (F. Slyker)

April: Tennessee -Kentucky Rifle Show Clinton, TN (W. Elliot)

**May require membership or guest pass.