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For years Kentucky's gunmaking was often overlooked by collectors and researchers due to the assumption that its guns were, for the most part, plain "mountain rifles." Better quality rifles were often attributed to "southwestern Virginia" that today can be identified as products of Kentucky. Collectors, researchers, and historians can begin to identify Kentucky's early rifles and avoid the old misnomer of calling them "southwestern Virginia" guns. More importantly, Kentuckians can now appreciate their early arms-making heritage and take pride in their state's newly recognized place among the other states where early gunmaking became highly developed, artistic, and an important economic factor for the state.

Printed as a two-volume set: Volume I is "Gunmaking History" in 289 pages, and Volume II is "Biographies" in 322 pages.. Many never-before seen rifles are illustrated as the history of Kentucky's gunmaking is told, from the state's earliest gunmakers to its last holdouts who clung to the "old ways" in the mountainous southeastern hill county area.

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North Carolina Schools of Longrifles by William Ivy

                      "Three Centuries of Tradition"

 Includes American Antique and Contemporary Fine Art Guns

Book printed before 2010