Learn about "Accouterments": Knives , Hawks, etc

James Johnston  (three volume set)

Coming Summer 2015: A new book by Johnston on Accouterments

Indian Tomahawks & Frontiersmen Belt Axes / by Daniel D. Hartzler, James A. Knowles.

Belt Axes...coming soon

Other Accouterments...coming soon

True Period Knives (1750-1850)  , though highly collectible and desirable , are usually not considered for their "artist merit" until  those made after the "Golden Age of the Kentucky Rifle." They were utilitarian and often personally or "blacksmith" made, often from a file, and served also as a "secondary "weapon. "Patch"  knives were an integral of the muzzle loading rifle accouterments , carried in or sheathed on the strapped of a "possibles" bag, needed to "cut" the patch which was driven down the barrel around the ball by use of a "ramrod."

  Contemporary Knives: It is far easier for a skilled artisan to make an object "look old" and unlikely that one would try to make an "old object " look new. These knive are beautiful!!!

  Other Accouterments...coming soon